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Message from President

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As a Comprehensive Engineering and Services Company dedicated to placing the customer first, we are adopting corporate practices intended to enhance public trust.

President Kouichi Takahatake

Since our founding in 1960 as a telecommunications engineering company committed to the emergence of a society of greater comfort and convenience, MIRAIT Technologies Corporation has undergone major changes in its business model in response to changing consumer lifestyles and the evolution of telecommunications technologies.

The recent growth in information and communications technology has created opportunities for an expanded range of products and services; in response, innovative businesses that transcend the conventional are emerging to meet the demand for novel services.

MIRAIT Technologies is responding to these trends by actively developing ICT businesses related to cloud computing and data centers in addition to constructing a conventional telecommunications infrastructure. To ensure the growth of our business domains incorporating technology we have cultivated over the years both inside and outside Japan, we are harnessing our group’s combined expertise to provide a comprehensive range of services. These include solutions to energy and environmental issues that utilize our telecommunications technology.

We remain committed to our mission as a comprehensive engineering and services company that continually creates value. All members of the MIRAIT Technologies Group are working closely to ensure that safety, reliability, quality assurance and compliance — the cornerstones of our corporate operations — continue to earn us the trust of our customers and the community at large.
I thank you for your continued support as we pursue these goals.